Global Economy

Global News Update Januari 2022

CITA – Global News Update Januari 2022 (download)

  • Is Strategic Cooperation with China Possible?
  • China Extends Income Tax Cuts in Push to Stabilize Growth
  • Democrats Search for Path Forward on Biden’s Economic Agenda
  • Democrats Blast Corporate Profits as Inflation Surges
  • Biden Launches Plan to Fight Meatpacker Giants on Inflation
  • S Green House Gas Emissions Bounced Back Sharply in 2021
  • The Long Trend of Falling Corporate Taxes is being Reversed
  • Gasoline Tax ‘Holiday’ Proposed for California as Inflation Hits
  • Canada Readies Carbon Capture Credit, Emissions Plan
  • Germany Aims to Implement 15% Minimum Tax ‘Quickly’: Report
  • Soaring Energy Costs to Add Pressure on Indonesia Budget Deficit


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