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Global Economy Brief Juni 2021

Global Economy Brief Juni 2021 (download)


Europe’s Strategic Autonomy Trap 
Project Syndicate, 27 Mei 2021
By: Clements Fuest  (3)

Time to Fix the Way Governments Tax Multinational Companies
The Economist, 15 Mei 2021 (3)

A New Economic Era: is Inflation Coming Back for Good
Financial Times, Juni 2021
By: Chris Giles (4)                                  


Twilight of The Tax Haven
The Economist, 5 Juni 2021 (5)

Taxing Amazon is Like Squeezing Rice Puding
Bloomberg, 7 Juni 2021                                               
By: Lionel Laurent (7)

Will Poorer Countries Benefit from International Tax Reform?
The Economist, 1 Juni 2021 (8)

Opinion: Five Finance Ministers: Why We Need a Global Corporate Minimum Tax The Washington Post, 10 Juni 2021 (9)

Why Joe Biden isn’t Afraid of Debt Any More
The Economist, 29 Maret 2021 (10)

A Global Tax Deal for the Rich, Not the Poor
Project Syndicate, 11 Juni 2021
By: Jose Antonio Ocampo dan Tommaso Faccio      (12)
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