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Global News Update Februari 2022

Global News Update Februari 2022 (Download)

  • OECD Sees Global Inflation Pressures Easing in Next 12-18 Months
  • Belgium Plans Temporary Power Tax Cut to Contain Energy Bills
  • Intuit CEO Warns of Tax Bill Shock for Bitcoin, NFT Traders
  • TurboTax will Let Users Deposit Tax Refunds into Crypto Accounts
  • IMF Focus on Saving Argentina from Dangerous Inflation Path
  • Inflation in Europe is Expected to Peak Early This Year
  • Singapore Moves to Ease Public Concern Over Looming Tax Hike
  • The Return of Global Inflation
  • Turkey to Cut VAT on Staple Foods in Bid to Tame Inflation
  • British Inflation Climbs to 5.5 percent, Highest in 30 Years
  • Singapore Plans Sovereign Green Bond as Part of $26 Billion Plan
  • Thai GDP Growth Beats Estimates, Inflation View Revised Up
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